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What to Know Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer


GI-divorce-98Many people get married but not everyone remains in this situation. Some decide to get a divorce for different reasons – they don’t get along or simply they don’t like being married anymore. No matter the reason, it’s not something easy for neither of the ex members of the couple, so it’s understandable that both of them would want to finish up as soon as possible, with less hassle and troubles.

However, when you decide to get divorced, if there’s no other option for you to get back together, you’re going to need the help of a divorce lawyer.

The Reasons

Getting a divorce lawyer is extremely important, because it’s not something that you’d be able to manage by yourself. It’s true that if you can’t afford a lawyer, one will be assigned to you from the court, but that’s not something you’d like to try.

If you have your own divorce lawyer, he or she will be directly interested to manage your case as it should be managed and your interest will definitely be followed. Not all divorces are easy and if you have children or many things that you have acquired together as a couple, the assigned lawyer might not have your best interest at heart.


When you’re looking for a divorce lawyer, you can ask around and see if you can come up with some recommendations, because usually a good divorce lawyer sets most of his or her activity on referrals. It’s important to get someone who will be interested in doing everything that they can for winning your case, so you’ll need someone you can trust.

Look Online

If you can’t find a recommendation, then you can make a thorough research online in your local area. Any search engine should give you plenty of results, so you’ll have to start a list and see what you can come up to in the end. Look for contact information like telephone number, email and location, see what their specialization is – some of them cover more than just divorces, so you might also need someone specialized in real estate law and so on.

Write down the contact info for any of the lawyers that you want to contact further, to establish a first meeting.

The Meeting

When you meet for the first time, make sure you meet with the lawyer itself, and not with an assistant or someone who helps them out. This will also tell you a lot about how interested the lawyer is in taking a new case. It’s natural that they should be busy, but a meeting should be respected and you should be greeted by the lawyer divorce-law-imagehimself.

You’ll definitely notice if they are interested in taking on your case – once you start talking, you’ll see if they are interested in the story you have to say and in your problem or if they are interested in the money that you can pay them. If they open up the money subject before you have finished telling about your situation, then you could think about finding someone else.

The Quote

An honorable lawyer will give you a quote based on the possible outcome, so make sure you also have a written contract. If you hear someone say to you that you’ll see how much money you’ll pay after the process is finished, then you can definitely start looking for someone else. These types of lawyers are not to be trusted, either because they don’t have enough experience or they are interested only in being paid, without caring for the problem of their